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Charting the Right Course for You

Inner Peace seminars Oct 14 at the Royal Hotel  

Submitted by Judy Guido, IPMC


udy Guido, National Director and speaker with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada, says "Get off the treadmill. Most of us keep ourselves so busy we never take time to listen to our heart, the solution is there but sometimes we need to slow down to move fast."

Guido is presenting talks in Chilliwack on Tuesday, October 14 at 1pm and 7pm at the Royal Inn, 45886 Wellington Avenue.

The Inner Peace Movement of Canada is a non-profit educational program. It is a practical program to help you take charge of your life, chart your course and enjoy contributing in a positive way to yourself, your loved ones and your community. 

During the talks you will discover more about your life purpose, how to achieve balance and harmony, how to trust yourself and listen to your inner guidance, that still small voice within, for inspiration and answers. You will learn about, the four unique personality types and the choices we make, the cycles of life and what to expect, the power of your own energy and how to  “move mountains” effortlessly. All are welcome to the talks in Chilliwack on Tuesday, October 14 at 1pm and 7pm at the Royal Inn, 45886 Wellington Avenue.

The talks are 1 ˝ hours. Admission is $21.

In depth workshops will be made available later in the week and weekly group sessions, in the community, will be organized on an on-going basis for those wanting deeper involvement.

 For more information visit the web site at 

About Judy Guido
Judy is a well-known Canadian educator in the field of self-awareness.  She has been involved with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada since 1973 and is a certified consultant and instructor. She currently operates an orchard and retreat centre in the Okanagan Valley and has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties, owning retail and service businesses in B.C. and abroad. She enjoys community involvement and is a member of the local Rotary Club and Trails Development Team.  

All of our experiences have value because of what we learn from them,” says Judy. “There are no mistakes only stepping-stones. We can learn from everything we do and feel good about what we are learning. You might say that planet earth is like a big schoolhouse.  Just by getting out of bed in the morning, you are going to school - the school of experience!” 

For over thirty-five years now, she has inspired people from all walks of life to expand their potential using practical tools and techniques for better living. She has lectured widely across Canada, has appeared on radio and television shows and has been interviewed by numerous newspapers. Her instruction is a step-by-step common sense guide to keeping life simple, joyful and fun.

To contact Judy directly call 1 250 317 0057 or email here.

About Inner Peace Movement of Canada
The Inner Peace Movement of Canada (IPM) is a community-based, personal development program with a focus on strengthening inner guidance, family relationships and greater service to the community.

 An educational, non-profit organization, IPM gives people practical tools and techniques to find answers for themselves and to create the life they would like to have.

Founded by Dr. Francisco Coll in 1964, IPM has expanded to over forty countries and currently has active programs in Canada, Europe, and Australia. IPM leaders have appeared on numerous local and national radio and television shows and have been featured in major newspapers worldwide.


To contact the Inner Peace Movement of Canada call toll free 1 877 969 0095. Visit the web site at



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