Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Let's Make a Deal!

Behind Door Number 3; Prize, Cash or "Zonk"

Released by Andrew Weaver, MLA Oak Bay-Gordon Head


n my view, Saturday’s announcement by Minister of Education Peter Fassbender rejecting BCTF’s proposal to seek binding arbitration in their ongoing labour dispute demonstrates a clear lack of leadership, an inability to compromise and their fundamental lack of support for public education.

Teachers, students and parents are now shut out of classes for a second week with absolutely no end in sight. By suggesting binding arbitration, a position I advocated for at the end of August, the BCTF opened the door to finding a deal.


The government’s position that resolution will only be achieved through negotiation belies the fact that over two months have passed with few, if any, substantive talks between parties. Even mediator Vince Ready has pointed out that both sides are too far apart on substantive issues for mediation to proceed.


Binding arbitration is a time-tested means of ending labour disputes when face-to-face negotiations and mediation break down. That the government dismissed it suggests to me that they are not interested in reaching a fair settlement.

It is time to end this strike. It’s time to stop playing politics with our children, teachers and parents. It’s time for Minister Fassbender and Premier Clark to do what is right, to do what is clearly in the public interest, and to agree to what is really the only fair solution to ending this strike: binding arbitration.


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