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Keeping the kids busy with free Math, English & Science tutoring Sept 16-18

Submitted by Miguel Kurdy, HelpHub Vancouver

o launch HelpHub's new group tutoring feature, we're pleased to offer free weekly drop-in group sessions. Starting September 16, students can login to our free online group tutoring sessions to get live group tutoring and catch  up on Science 12, English 12, and Math 12.

See a detailed schedule for this week's group sessions on our blog post here.

To drop-into the course, simply login to your HelpHub account and click on the group tutoring links.

I'm the founder at a Vancouver-based online tutoring marketplace called HelpHub.

In the past couple of weeks, we've noticed increased traffic from the Lower Mainland, likely due to the teacher's labour disputes. We happen to be releasing a group tutoring feature that allows tutors to tutor any number of  students simultaneously, and as part of our feature release, we are offering  free weekly drop-in group tutoring sessions for Math 12, English 12, and Science 12 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6-8pm, starting next Tuesday, September 16.


A sample of the interface students use.

This is actually a great opportunity for Canadian high school students (and their parents) to tune in for free and start reviewing course content.

This feature allows students to learn together with an expert in an online format. The fact that they can also interact with their peers makes it a peer-to-peer learning experience as well.

Global Morning News BC and Business in Vancouver just covered our new group tutoring feature launch.

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