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In Praise of Older People

BC seniors group lauds day of recognition Oct 1

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s the number of seniors in the world reaches unprecedented levels, the largest seniors’ federation in B.C. says October 1st – the International Day of Older Persons – is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and economy.


“We need to challenge negative attitudes, outdated stereotypes and myths,” says Lorraine Logan, President of the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of B.C. (COSCO).

“For the first time in history, humanity is reaching a point at which there are fewer children than older persons in the world. By 2030, about 20 per cent of the global population will be over the age 60. There will be more people over 60 than children under ten,” says Logan.

This year’s theme for the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons is “Leaving no one behind: promoting a society for all.”

“Respect, dignity and the right to make choices must be primary in an ageing demographic. Stereotypes that foster isolation, loneliness and feelings of worthlessness must be eradicated.

“The fact is that seniors today are healthier, more aware, more active, and have more resources than any previous generation.  We participate at all levels in society and do the major portion of needed volunteer work across the country. We are a value-added commodity as well as contributing tax-payers,” says Logan.

On the International Day of Older Persons, Logan invites everyone to join COSCO and hundreds of other organizations to rejoice in the wisdom and story-telling of seniors, and to celebrate their past achievements and to look forward to the contributions still to come.



COSCO is an umbrella organization that brings together 85 different seniors groups, representing 107,000 women and men, to work on common issues. COSCO is affiliated with the one million member National Pensions Federation which promotes these issues at the national level. 

A major focus of COSCO’s work is promoting good health. To this end, COSCO volunteers provide a series of free workshops on 42 topics ranging from falls prevention to health literacy. More than 6,000 seniors have attended these workshops.


For more information, visit www.coscobc.ca



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