Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

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How's Life?

Chilliwack residents welcome to take phone survey for prizes Sept 15-Oct 3

Submitted Rob Lees, CSRPC


hatís life like in Chilliwack?  The Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council (CSRPC) would like to know so it is conducting a Quality of Life survey this fall.


In the 2004 and 2009 surveys, the CSRPC asked Chilliwack residents about their views about the community and daily life. Now, five years later, it is time to listen to those views again.


The focus of the survey is to help understand the connections that residents have to one another, their neighbourhoods and their larger community. As the population of Chilliwack grows, a sense of transition from rural to urban has also grown, bringing its own challenges and rewards to the area. This research will also gauge residents' perceptions of how these changes have affected their quality of life and well-being.
The Council has engaged Dr. Katherine Watson, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of the Fraser Valley, to lead this project. This representative survey will be conducted in Chilliwack from September 15-October 3, 2014.  Households will be contacted by phone and individuals will be asked to participate by completing the survey online or over the phone.  Participation is completely voluntary. And there is a prize for participating in the survey!  Participants who wish to be entered into a draw by providing their name and contact information are eligible to win either an iPad mini or $1000.00. A single name will be drawn and the prize awarded at the end of the project. Names provided will not be linked to any answers.
The results of this research will help local governments and organizations make informed decision in areas such as housing, policing, volunteerism and recreation. This survey will identify important local trends over the past ten years such as connections among residents, engagement in community and the growth of urbanization. 



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