Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

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Taking Your Best Shot

Local pool league caters to all skill levels

Submitted by Doug Robinson, Chilliwack/Voice file photo


Donovan Booth, manager of Vegas Billiards shows form in 2010. Below Doug Robinson prepares for Penticton.


he Chilliwack Pool League has started it's 2014-15 season with 8 teams at 2 venues; Major League 2 Pub and Anavets 305.


There is still time for more players or teams to join. Our first rules is fun, all skill levels our welcome. We use a 17 point handicap system to even the playing field.

This year we are planning to sanction with the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and send the winning team to the Penticton, BC tournament. Individuals can attend too.


At our wind up pool tournament there are many door prizes and awards. Currently, we're attempting to set up a charity pool tournament with the Mission pool league.


This week, it's The Busboys versus The Silver Streaks at Anavets.


If interested, visit www.chwkpoolleague.ca or contact Doug Robinson at 604 792 8565 or via email here.


Spectators are welcome. Anavets is located at 46268 Yale Road and Major League 2 Pub is located at 45768 Gaetz St.


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