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The Harmony of Love

Busker couple make beautiful music together

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reat musicians like Woody Guthrie paid their dues on street corners. Paul McCartney reportedly put on a disguise one day then went out and played on the street. Apparently, no one recognized him and he donated the money he made to charity.


Chantele Delaine and her husband Dan have been making music together for about 2 years. Earlier this year, the Chilliwack couple applied for a buskers licence from the City to play at various locations throughout the downtown area.


The Delaines moved to Chilliwack from Abbotsford last year and immediately became involved in the community by doing things like volunteering at the Party in the Park.


The Voice caught up with them at on the Mill St. “pitch” at the corner of Victoria Ave.


Delaine showed off her powerful pipes and her husband Dan accompanies with his battery powered keyboards in an original 12-bar blues number called Empty Bottle Blues.


She says they’re really enjoying busking in Chilliwack.




“This is our first season playing together. We're really happy to be meshing in with the community and learning to play outdoors, and learning to play with each other,” she said.


“We were actually invited to be here today by the Downtown Business Improvement Association and we are very happy for this opportunity.”


They plan on playing on the street as long as possible, even at Christmastime.


“We're going to continue busking as long as we into the fall and winter season,” said Delaine.


She says they’re working on recording an album and plan on to have some video up on YouTube in the near future.


“I'm in the middle of writing a new song called Wash. We're doing a video to go with it,” she said.


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