Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

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Battle Still on Our Radar

Chilliwack vets remember lives lost in Battle of Britain

Released by the Gov't of Canada/Voice photos


A disabled vet salutes during the Chilliwack ceremony.


he Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of Veterans Affairs, today issued the following statement to mark the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

"Today, our nation honours those who served in the Battle of Britain 74 years ago. Fought primarily by air forces, this important campaign marked a crucial turning point in the Second World War.

"In 1940, between the months of July and October, more than one hundred Canadians serving with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force courageously flew to Britain's defence when their skies were invaded.

"The British, Canadian, and other Allied airmen fought off German air attacks on ships in the English Channel, then on British radar stations and airfields, and finally, on cities and towns. As enemy bombers and fighters flew over London, Londoners watched from below, with pride, as the defenders courageously drove off the attackers.

"Due to their bravery, the Allies persevered in the face of overwhelming forces to claim victory and secure Britain from the threat of invasion in the largest and most relentless air battle to date.

"Let us never forget how, with courage, skill and endurance, Canadian, British, and Allied comrades fought to defend freedom in the Battle of Britain and help pave the way for the liberation of Europe."

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