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Huskers' final two games against the Rebels will decide playoffs




The Chilliwack Huskers will be playing home and way against the Rebels.






he Valley Huskers meat grinder of a second half has been dialed up a notch. The club has now lost two straight, their hopes of hosting one of two semi-final games has dissipated and this weekend they may or may not be without quarterback Julian Wytinck.

Now comes news out of their upcoming opponent that former CJFL coach of the year JC Boice has returned to assist friend Shane Beatty (who he brought into the fold when he was head coach two years ago) and will be running the offense.

A new OC isn’t going to be able to work miracles overnight, and unless Boice can suite up to assist a porous offensive line his impact will be limited. Still, this allows Beatty to concentrate on the defensive side of the ball where he is needed most, and an emotional lift is something the Rebels sorely need.

The Huskers and Rebels meet back to back the next two weeks. The Rebels simply must sweep both games to grab the final play-off spot and relegate the Huskers to 5th, lose won and they are done, and the Huskers are in. The schedule makers this year were genius or just plain lucky drawing this up.

Westshore Rebels @ Valley Huskers

This one has the potential to be something special as two teams claw for the play-offs. Or it could be the beginning of the end of a special season for the Huskers if they don’t get Wytinck back. I’m hedging my bet a bit.


Valley 25 Rebels 15 (with Wytinck)

Rebels 24 Huskers 7 (without Wytinck)


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