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"Pep Talks" Not Enough



More hearing aid outcall specialists needed






ere in Chilliwack BC there have in recent years been one or two visits per year to a group meeting at the Waverly Assisted Living. The goal seemed to be merely to pep talk residents and staff into seeing value in hearing aids. No training was given to staff and no help given to individual residents.

The follow up to that was always: It is not the role of staff to help with hearing aids. The same is true in Residential Care where many residents are confused.

Residents were still required to go to the office down town. That was a useless trip unless there was an appointment.

Most residents have no family able to make an appointment, or get them to it. Handidart has to be booked one or two days ahead.

How many feeble handicapped and elderly people can get down town to the help they need, when they need it? Once a month would not be enough.

My sister, 93, has been struggling with hers for 7 years, my brother 88, with his for 5 years.

If you stopped having full-page, or even 3 inch ads in the local newspaper, you could afford to appoint a technician for full time visiting of several clients every day. She should be trained to service all brands of hearing aids.

There are at least 6 different companies that have offices down town. All advertise.

In seven years of hunting for a company that does home visits, at last a few months ago I found Miracle Ear. They appointed one technician for my sister and another for my brother, and that went well for two months.

Now there is only one on staff and my brother stopped using his hearing aids, although he liked them very much for six weeks.

I am 97 and not hard of hearing. I do get vertigo occasionally. I live in my own home alone.


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