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Heather Maahs ready to run for her fourth term as School District 33 Board Trustee


Incumbent Chilliwack SD33 board trustee Heather Maahs (r) with former trustee Martha Weins lay a wreath during the November 2013 Remembrance Day ceremonies.





fter three full terms as a School District 33 trustee, the popular incumbent trustee Heather Maahs is prepared to devote another huge part of her life to Chilliwack. 

One of her goals this term she says are to see a increase the rise in the reading and math scores of all the students in the district, particularly the grade sevens.

"It is alarming to see such low scores of students at this age," says Maahs. "It is very difficult, although not impossible, for them to catch up. This needs to be a call to arms for the new Board."

Maahs isn't happy to see a downsizing of Distance Education and closure of Chance School by the current Board.

"These actions limit the choices for parents of our most vulnerable students. The Board need to rally around these students by making sure there are more options and choices for them — not less. One size does not fit all,” says Maahs.

According to Maahs, Boards of Education have an obligation to reflect the "values and aspirations" of their communities.

In addition, she plans to continue to advocate that the Board subject all learning resources to a rigorous analysis, determining whether or not they are evidence-based in order to ensure all student’s needs are being met and parental rights are not infringed upon.

"Our young people have only the here and now for their scholastic learning. All our efforts, while working within the confines of provincially determined budgets must properly equip and encourage our students," says Maahs.

One of Maahs proudest accomplishments of the last term was being the driving force for recording board meetings.

"People are keenly interested in the decisions this board has made over the past year as illustrated by the numbers who are watching."

Meetings can be viewed at any time on YouTube.

To donate to her campaign e-mail her here.


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