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Lots of credentials




Former provincial NDP candidate takes a shot at City Hall for councillor seat.






atti MacAhonic, Executive Director of Ann Davis Transition Society and former Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Executive Director announced her intention to run for Chilliwack City Council today.  MacAhonic is recognized as a long-time Chilliwack Community member whose campaign mantra:  "A Voice for You - Proven Leadership - Taking Action Getting Results" is something she has consistently demonstrated with her work in the community across sectors. 


MacAhonic recognized for her work in the community being awarded the 2014 “Distinguished Alumni Award” by the University of the Fraser Valley . This award recognizes one alumnus per year who has achieved outstanding distinction in career, educational achievement, and community service. MacAhonic was also recognized as “Top 40 Alumni”. Her educational background includes an honours BA in Adult Education and an MBA in Executive Management.


During her time with the Chilliwack Chamber, she successfully spearheaded important policy on derelict buildings. In conjunction with the Fraser Valley Chambers, she worked collaboratively on behalf of Chilliwack businesses to implement Mobile Business Licensing, which cut red tape, reduced business costs, enabling Chilliwack Businesses to operate more easily across participating jurisdictions, while enhancing revenue opportunities for municipalities and businesses. She also worked with the manufacturing sector, conducting a gap analysis of transportation in the manufacturing corridors in Chilliwack and surrounding communities.


Most recently she was a one of a number of award recipients for the 2017 National Recreational Fisheries award for her work in initiating dialogue with the Aboriginal and Sports Fishers which went on to become the River Manners and the Peace Makers group.


While Executive Director with the BC Wildlife Federation she was granted standing in the Cohen Inquiry, targeting solutions to the 2009 drastic decrease of Sockeye salmon in the Fraser River. "Fisheries are an important food source for First Nations and economic driver for our community and need to be recognized as such," she said at the time.


After almost a year of fighting an uphill battle to get women housed (Chilliwack has the highest ratio of homeless women in the province at 40%) MacAhonic persevered and was the driving force in attaining funding and successfully opening a specialized transition house with full supports in her role of Executive Director with Ann Davis Transition Society, a long-standing local nonprofit nearing 40 years of helping women, children, men and families dealing with violence and abuse issues in the community.


"I credit the hardworking team and supportive board at Ann Davis for making such a difference with this important project," says MacAhonic.


MacAhonic sits at numerous tables in the community including Chilliwack Healthier Community, Youth Health Centre and is on the Social Work and Human Services Advisory for the University  of the Fraser Valley. She also serves as an advisor to the Canadian Injured Workers Alliance and Blanket BC for a number of years.


MacAhonic's top issues are affordable housing and homelessness, transportation, a strong local economy and good governance, she believes she can effectively bring the voice of the people of Chilliwack to city hall and pledges that is exactly what will be done if she is fortunate enough to be voted in on October 20th.


MacAhonic states, "I can truly say that I listen and will be a voice for the people of Chilliwack, I bring wide sector experience and have repeatedly demonstrated that I deliver positive results. I would be honoured to bring that experience and strong record of getting things done to city hall to work for the people of Chilliwack. On October 20th I respectfully request that you consider me as your candidate for city council when you mark your ballot."


MacAhonic has lived in Chilliwack for over 25 years, is happily married to her husband Randy, and has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.




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