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'What Men Won't Talk About'

Standeven book signing at Coles Nov 8

Submitted by Glenda Standeven, Chwk


ccording to the Canadian Cancer Society prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers). It is the 3rd leading cause of death from cancer in men in Canada. They estimate that in 2014, 23,600 men will be diagnosed with the disease and 4,000 men will die from it but prostate cancer doesn't just affect men. It affects women too.


Author and inspirational speaker Glenda Standeven knows this all too well as the wife of a prostate cancer survivor. In May, 2012, her husband Rick underwent a radical nerve sparing prostatectomy after being diagnosed with a very aggressive prostate cancer at the age of 58. They were given stacks of literature to wade through and Standeven was overwhelmed. With exasperation she wished there was one book that had everything she wanted to know in it. Her husband said, "Honey, you're an author - write it yourself!" And so she did.


Earlier this year, she launched, I Am Choosing to Smile, which is her inspirational life story before, during and long after her experience with bone cancer. Standeven updated her story from an earlier book, Choosing to Smile, which was co-written with two friends, Julie Houlker and Michelle Rickaby. Sadly, Houlker passed away in 2011 and the original book is no longer in print. As she was re-writing, Standeven realized that her husband's cancer story needed to be told on its own in order for it to reach the people who needed it most.


Her book, What Men Won't Talk About ... And Women Need to Know, is a woman's perspective on prostate cancer and follows her husband's journey from symptoms through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. With a smile Standeven says, "I wasn't going to write it if it didn't have a happy ending so I waited two years after his diagnosis before publishing our story." 


It wasn't a happy ending when her father and step-father both died from the disease so the couple are doubly appreciative for the research that has been done. Research enabled them to get an early diagnosis thanks to PSA blood testing (Prostate Specific Antigen) but also allowed them surgical options that suited their relationship needs. Her book addresses many concerns that partners have as well.


"It is most important to me to be able to have people all over the world find this little book so I focused a lot of time and energy getting it onto and Kindle. Some days it was really hard to choose to smile because I am not really a 'paper work' person. Thank goodness for my friend and author Wendy Dewar Hughes because she was a life safer when it came to sorting out the details."


Standeven says that in September her books became available online and she hopes, once word gets out there, people all over the world will be discussing the thing that men won't talk about - their prostates!


Standeven will be doing a book signing at Coles in Cottonwood Mall on November 8th from noon to 4:00pm for people to get signed copies of both her books for Christmas giving.



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