Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

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Students Call for Action

International students face huge tuition and residency hikes at UBC in 2015

Submitted by UBC SEAA


his afternoon, UBC’s student association – the Alma Mater Society (AMS) – held its Annual General Meeting. This historic meeting was the first AGM to meet quorum in almost forty years.


At the meeting, UBC students voted overwhelmingly in favour of giving the AMS a mandate to oppose the university administration’s recent proposals to increase international tuition for incoming students by 10% and 8-month contract residence fees by 20%, effective next year.


The AMS now has a strong mandate from students to lobby the provincial government for increased post-secondary funding and advocate for legislation that protects UBC students, who are not protected by the provincial Residential Tenancy Act. Moving forward, the AMS will be required to support groups on campus organizing against the fee increases and also to organize their own student protests against the hikes.

We would like to thank every student that took the time to help out today, whether that was attending the AGM, inviting friends, or tweeting about it in class. Without you, this historic moment would not have been possible. We are thrilled that all the motions we presented at the AGM received the overwhelming support of the student body.

We call on the AMS to respect and implement the clear mandate the students have given them. Students have spoken loudly and clearly: we do not want these increases and we want the AMS to be on the front lines with us, fighting against the proposals.

Any student who is opposed to these hikes is part of the I Am A Student movement. We are building people-power and creating spaces for us to come together and have our voices heard. If you are looking for ways to get further involved in organizing and mobilizing the student body, we are having a meeting on Monday, November 3rd at 5:00 PM in room 207 of the SUB.

Today, we have all proven that the idea of an apathetic student body at the University of British Columbia is not true. Our numbers will continue to grow and our actions will multiply. Together we will fight for accessible education.

The students united will never be defeated!

– I Am A Student


Read the UBC Alma Mater's statement here.


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