Friday, Oct. 10, 2014

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MVI Leaves Hundreds in Dark

Driver uninjured in Chilliwack River Road mishap  

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RCMP closed Chilliwack River Rd. after an accident took out a power pole Thursday.


t's not clear how a driver could take out a power pole in broad daylight on dry roads, or if distracted driving was the cause.


But, that's what happened in the 7700-block of Chilliwack River Rd. around 5 PM Thursday.


Reports are the pole came down on top of the vehicle and live wires were on the road.


BC hydro de-energized the line which took out power to about 155 customers for the next 4 hours until crews could replace the pole.


The driver was reported to have gotten out of the vehicle on their own with just minor injuries.


Police closed the road down and flaggers took over.


ICBC cautions drivers to expect unpredictable road conditions this long weekend

On average, three people are killed and 520 people injured in 1,800 crashes in B.C. over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Road conditions can be unpredictable and vary widely across the province at this time of year. If you’re visiting family or friends over Thanksgiving, snow, sleet, rain and fog are just some of the challenging fall conditions you could encounter when driving on B.C. roads.

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