Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

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With This Ring

Local metal detector group finds couple's lost wedding band at Kits beach

Submitted by Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters


Sergei Krivoi and his wife Svetlana along with young treasure hunter Ryan who found the ring show it off for the camera.


he Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters had a great Day at Kit's Beach in Vancouver, BC.  Well, Ryan had a great day. We had been hunting for only 10 minutes or so, when some members were approached by Sergei Krivoi and his wife Svetlana.


They had lost his Gold ring the night before and had spend hours looking for it, to no Avail, could we help?


Of course we would and in no time Ryan had found the ring, you could hear Sergei yell for miles, he was tickled to have his ring back, as it was a gift from Svetlana.


I am glad that we could help this couple out. I am equally proud that Ryan is a member of our club. The ring is valued at $3500. Way to go Ryan, congratulations!


For more information about Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, contact Mark Lewis via email here or visit their website here.



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