Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

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Voicing Concerns

MLA's coffee meetup more popular than ever with residents looking to discuss local issues

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Chilliwack MLA John Martin listens to his constituents Saturday at Decades Coffee.


t was standing room only at Decades Coffee on Wellington Ave Saturday morning for MLA John Martin's Java with John.


A cross-section of residents both young and old questioned Martin on some major issues facing Chilliwack such as homelessness, mental health and crime issues.


A Kent Super Maximum Penitentiary prison guard was present and was asked if mental health was a problem at the high security jail.


"It's a huge issue in the jail," she said. "They don't belong in there."


After hearing from his constituents regarding their concerns, the popular MLA promised that there will be forums in the future featuring experts speaking to some of the issues discussed at his community drop-ins.


In the meantime, Martin plans on continuing the monthly meetups at Decades.


Watch The Voice for updates and announcements regarding public forums later.



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