Friday, Oct. 17, 2014


It Happened at Herrling

Reader's first-hand experience of the multi-vehicle crash on Hwy 1

Submitted by Beky Coe


was the "pedestrian" that got hit. I was not from the car that spun out of control and crashed in the fast lane. I was a driver on my way home from Thanksgiving with family in Kamloops that passed "that" vehicle and saw that it was in the fast lane, it was either black or dark blue, with no headlights nothing indicating that it was there, and it was dark with torrential downpour of rain.


Someone was going to hit it and a lot of people could have gotten hurt if no one indicated to oncoming traffic that it was there.

I stopped quite a ways away from the initial accident, got my mag light out of my camping gear and ran up just past where the smashed up vehicle was in the fast lane and stood there on the shoulder along the concrete barrier to the side of the slow lane shining my flashlight on the smashed up car blocking the fast lane.

As traffic came around the bend I would wave my flashlight over the smashed vehicle blocking the fast lane so that no one would hit it. Many cars and trucks passed successfully before I got hit and run over.


The only reason that I got hit was because two vehicles going the same speed came around the corner at the same time. The car in the fast lane pulled into the truck hauling a U-Haul trailer that was in the slow lane and that truck pulled into the shoulder and concrete barrier where I was standing.

Then someone else grabbed up my flashlight to try and shine a light on the smashed up vehicle blocking the fast lane, but it was only seconds before it was hit and then more cars came around the corner and all of them smashed together... Then the semi.


It all happened so fast.

That is how the "pedestrian" got hit. I just wanted to clarify.



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