Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

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FHA Says No Ebola in Chilliwack 

That despite sources who tell us CGH may be treating a patient with the virus

Released by Fraser Health Authority


here are no confirmed cases of Ebola in any hospitals across Fraser Health.


Fraser Health, like all provincial health authorities, has infection control systems and procedures in place. The risk of Ebola to British Columbians is extremely low.

Even if a true case arrives in Fraser Health, we are confident that the case would be quickly isolated and managed in a way that means there would be no secondary spread. Training has been provided for front line staff and will continue to be rolled out over the coming weeks. Further, all family physicians in the region have been sent information about Ebola and how to manage suspect cases who may present in their offices.

All patients who arrive at Fraser hospital emergency departments with a fever are being asked about their travel history and they're taken to isolation areas for further secondary questioning if they indicate they've been in West Africa in the last 21 days – Ebola’s incubation period. The virus can only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of a patient who has symptoms.

Surrey Memorial Hospital has been designated as the site in Fraser Health to manage any suspected, or confirmed, cases of Ebola in our region. The hospital’s state-of-the-art infection control measures and laboratory and microbiology capabilities are ideal for dealing with patients who may, or are confirmed to have the virus.  In addition, the design of the new Critical Care Tower makes it easy to transition between more or less acute care as needed, and the leadership on the ground already has experience in dealing with SARS and H1N1.


For questions about plans for paramedics, please connect with BC Ambulance.


Editor's Note: When asked on the telephone today about a lack of information on the BC CDC and Fraser Health websites regarding Ebola, the BC CDC said that information is available on the Public Health Agency of Canada website here.



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