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Phill Bruce returns to run for Chilliwack Council, spells out why he is City Hall material

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have lived in Chilliwack for over 17 years. I am a 52-year-old father of 3. My wife and I live on the north side of Chilliwack. We both work as health professionals. In our home, we balance western & eastern culture with a blend of Christian & Hinduism values. We are a truly a multi-cultural Canadian family.

For the past 29 years, I have worked as a paramedic and educator, facilitating B.C. Paramedics in Street Medicine & Emergency Preparedness. Additionally, I have taught the Department of National Defence Military Medics in preparation for their deployment overseas.

Prior to becoming a paramedic I worked as a full time,& auxiliary firefighter. Over the years, I have taken many courses in teamwork, communication, and facilitation. This background would be an invaluable asset to a seat on City Council.

My Chilliwack community involvement includes coaching, and helping youth basketball, soccer, and Army Cadets, for my children. I have been involved with public relations with the Paramedics of B.C. for many years. As well, I am a toastmaster who speaks on public safety, emergency preparedness, and emergency street medicine.

I worked for many years on the downtown eastside of Vancouver as a paramedic holding an Acting Unit Chief position, working hand in hand with police officers, mental health care professionals, social workers, and addiction specialists, on the war on addiction, and crime. This experience has helped me have a solid understanding of the communityís social issues, and the complicated problems they present.

In the last 3 years, Iíve gotten involved with the Mayorsí Public Safety advisory committee and subcommittees. I have been involved with Chilliwack Connect with their one day event to help people with social issues obtain clothing and food. Organizations I support are: Ruth and Naomiís, Anne Davis Transition House, and the Salvation Army, in conjunction with other organizations, such as service clubs, and churches, who hold the social fabric of our community together.

Why am I interested in running for City Council? At a young age I had the privilege of helping my stepfather run many successful campaigns as a City Councillor, and eventually, Mayor. This experience provided the early framework for my civic pride.

Our city has many issues to be debated, such as fiscal responsibility, community infrastructure, downtown revitalization & crime prevention. I am ready to focus on these and many more important issues that are in need of Chilliwack City Councilís attention. I would consider it my utmost honour to serve on council and provide a strong voice for my neighbours and fellow citizens in our growing and evolving community.

I will not make promises I canít keep, Yes I did read the bookď How to win friends and influence peopleĒ! My goal is, and always will be, to create a good relationship between myself and the people of this community and to harness the ideas and concepts of the people of this community.

A councillorís powers are limited.

This is a harsh reality and I wonít pretend I can change the world. The engine that runs this city is the hard working, dedicated people that work tirelessly behind the scenes. As well, you the people of this community have a tremendous impact.

Finally, I would like the voters to look at my whole body of work. My lifelong commitment to public health and safety should show you that my motivation has always been to try and advocate for the healthiest community we can build. I will work hard to be an active voice for us all.

I would all like to see more people come out to vote. I encourage all ages, all cultures and religions to be a part of this process. Letís make this a successful voting year. Let your voice be heard; come on out and vote on November 15th.

Vote; Phill Bruce, for Chilliwack City Councillor



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