Friday, Oct. 10, 2014

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Rare Blood Moon lunar eclipse

Voice staff/Photo Will Snow, Chilliwack


A blood moon over Chilliwack Wednesday. Photo by William Snow.


id you see it? A blood moon came and went over Chilliwack on Wednesday. Blood moons happen when the moon passes in front of the earth and the shadow, called the umbra and the sun's red light diffuses and it looks red.


What made this eclipse special was that it was the second one this year. The moon is half way through what's called a tetrad cycle consisting of four blood moons over two years. The last eclipse happened April 15. If you missed this one, we have two more coming in 2015 on April 15 and September 28.

This particular moon began to eclipse at 3:25 AM and took about an hour to pass over. It started to come out of it again at 3:55 AM. But for a half hour the moon was completely gone over Chilliwack, then just as it became visible a bank of clouds rolled in.

Lunar eclipses are safe to view and you don't need any special apparatus to see it.

People who are into getting great shots of lunar eclipses can visit Mr Eclipse website for an in-depth explanation of how to photograph one.

For general celestial information we like Dr Sky and Earth and Sky.



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