Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

Civic Elections

Hot Water

10 questions to candidates

Released by Sheila Muxlow, WaterWealth Project, Chilliwack


s the local elections heat up, Chilliwack-based WaterWealth Project is providing an opportunity for Fraser Valley candidates to share their perspectives on issues that affect the local waterways.


Using an online questionnaire, WaterWealth put together 10 questions allowing the political hopefuls to amplify their opinions regarding issues like the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, drinking water security, and First Nations rights & title.


The questionnaire also ties in components of local water governance as outlined in the BC Water Sustainability Act.

“The local elections are a prime time to ensure that the successful candidates are aware of the issues that matter most to local residents and we believe having drinkable, swimmable and fishable home waters needs to be part of that conversation.” explains Sheila Muxlow with the WaterWealth Project. “Our home waters are a central part of what makes the Fraser Valley a great place to live and our diverse local industries and high quality of life rely on healthy, productive and clean local waterways. We want to provide the public with an easy tool to assess which candidates will do the most to ensure the local waterways will be protected as they should be."

There are 145 candidates from Langley to Hope including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley Regional District and the District of Kent who have been contacted. The Candidates have been given a deadline of October 28th to provide their responses. In early November, WaterWealth will be sharing the candidate responses answers on their website and through social and local media sources.

The WaterWealth Project is a non-partisan, citizen-driven initiative that works to amplify the voices of local community members who love the place in which they live, the nature around them, and the waters that sustain them.


Download the questionnaire here.


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