Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016 


Shelter From the Storm 

A never-ending battle for pieces always torn 

Brenna Bezanson, PACE



he Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place annually on November 20. This day raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgender people and memorializes transgender persons who have been murdered as a result of Transphobia.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance also seeks to bring attention to the continued violence and inequities experienced by the transgender community.

Mis-education on what it means to be transgender and who transgender people are contributes to their marginalization and leads directly to violence. This marginalization is also reinforced by social systems that make it difficult for transgender persons to access support.


“Addressing systemic drivers of the marginalization of transgender persons through visibility, education and cultural competency will be necessary to address violence and inequities. Many transgender persons encounter barriers to changing their name and gender identification markers, which creates barriers to accessing the services and supports that they need,” says Brenna Bezanson, Communications Coordinator at PACE Society.


PACE Society, a peer-driven non-profit organization, has launched the Gender Self-Determination Project with funding from LUSH Cosmetics’ Charity Pot fundraising program. This unique project assists transgender persons in the Greater Vancouver Area with legally changing their names and gender markers on government identification.


This project recognizes that the inequities faced by transgender persons are made worse when their chosen name and gender identity does not match their legal name and gender marker on government identification.

“By helping transgender persons in changing their name and gender identification markers, we are addressing barriers to support issues critical to their health and safety,” says Laura Dilley, Executive Director of PACE Society.

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