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The Ultimate Drug Scam

Groups and agencies more concerned with more creating nice paying jobs than helping illicit drug addicts

Editor, not proofed


ust a quick note. I don't know who the CHC coordinator is, but kindly forward this comment to that person.


It's nice that you and so many others are doing a lot for drug addicts. Try quitting smoking. Apparently, kicking the nicotine habit is far worse than quitting heroin, cocaine or any other illicit drug.

Go see all the nicotine addicts lined up at the Chilliwack Husky Gas Station in the mornings. Cigarettes only kill 37,000 annually. Nice, hard-working people who devoted and dedicated themselves to the community. But tobacco doesn't get rid of as many dirtbag illicit drug users, which according to proponents, kills a whopping 47,000 a year.


Your illicit drug users whine and cry about being addicted, but you don't see smokers whining and crying and looking for free accommodation and free food. You don't see smokers stealing and ruining the community like useless drug addicts from the "entitled generation" to support their habits. You don't see cigarette users lying at the side of the road using up valuable resources from the RCMP, BCAS and CFD.


I may cover this silly druggie story at some point in the futureóbut from the other side of the fence.


Early this morning, Canadian Tire staff found 20 used syringes on their property. Chilliwack Fire Department dealt with it as  hazmat call. You don't see that with cigarette butts.

The community is tired of hearing about it, and from most at your meeting Nov 22, who are there with feigned apathy only because they have created jobs for themselves which they need to maintain.


Cigarette users can't utilize the same type of resources because tobacco is under the tight controls of gov't and corporations and dealt with nationally. Talk with any local store owner and they will tell you that without cigarette sales their business would struggle.


We're all fed up of this situation with illicit drug addicts and I can tell you that more people in the community care about drug addicts than they care about smokers who actually go to work but have to pay the piper to buy cigarettes and smoke them.

In Washington, a few miles away, a bag of tobacco on the reserve legally sells for $4. In Canada, the same thing sells for $75. It's just another way to be rob good taxpaying people. Apparently, everyone is okay with that.


Harm reduction programs for illicit drug users? Where do you see free cigarettes?

Your exclusive supporters would be out of work if they didn't come up with more drug addicts. For some reason, they don't want anything to do with smokers because they can't create jobs and nice fat paycheques for themselves with tobacco as their front. Just with those poor illicit drug users.


In fact, the nice people in the community donate to the Food Bank, not because the poor addicts are hungry, but it's so that these drug addicts don't steal, rob, or hurt them in any way. Yet even with the community assisting them, Chilliwack has the highest B&E rate in Canada and why is that?

There are too many services available to illicit drug users and they take advantage of the benevolence and depend on the largess of good people in our community. Unlike in Vancouver, where services are spread out across the city making it harder for drug users to get to. In Chilliwack, the same services are all grouped together within easy walking distance. Druggie heaven.


You can do drugs anywhere. You can't smoke anywhere but on your own private property and most apt. mangers won't even let you smoke in your own suite and threaten to throw you out if you do.


Why do smokers look down on addicts? Because smokers don't get the same services that all drug addicts have access to. All they get is a good case of cancer.


Sardis Library is offering a seminar Friday, November 18, 4 pm - 5 pm about "How to Kick the Sugar Habit: Find out why you crave sugar at certain times. Learn what really works and what doesn't from a Holistic Health Coach."


Yes, I will cover this story, but it will make The Voice more popular with the community than your drug programs and exclusive councilors could ever be. They won't like it that I rail against them. But do I care? As independent media, I could care less.


I don't do editorials much on The Voice. It's not a blog. But it's about time someone said something. For once in your life, try not to look for the bad things from stories like this and look for the good in them.


The real people, the down-to-earth people in the community, are sick of it and I'd prefer if this item was shared with the CHC Breakfast Club there. And please tell them where it came from.


Now put that in your blackened crack pipes and smoke it.


Have a 'nice' day.


PS. Oh and yes, I'll admit it. I'm a struggling cigarettes, and that makes me a bigger scumbag and second-class citizen than any illicit drug user could ever be.

C Hill,
Certified Publisher


cc. Chilliwack Healthier Community, Fraser Health


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