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Rescue Me

Sometimes SAR volunteers don't come on two legs

Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association


A disaster dog knows the mission at Kalamalta lake, BC and leaps into the water.


he Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association (CASDDA) will be offering a K-9 Search and Rescue seminar and workshop in Abbotsford, on Friday November 18th through Sunday November 20th. 


The purpose of this training session is to explore the possibility of establishing a local K-9 Search and Rescue group serving the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley communities and surrounding area.


The seminar will demonstrate and explain techniques used in searching for lost victims by experienced handlers and certified search dogs.


The workshop will provide the opportunity for Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and surrounding area residents and their dogs to learn search techniques and determine their interest and aptitude toward forming a local K-9 SAR group.

CASDDA is a well recognized non profit educational and charitable organization composed of volunteers and lead by Certified Leaders.  Its mandate is to provide communities, locally, nationally and internationally with trained SAR dogs and their handlers in an effort to locate survivors lost in the wilderness or trapped a disaster area, be it under snow or under rubble. 

CASDDA on a recent mission to Haiti.

CASDDA also provides trained dogs and handlers for the recovery of individuals deceased in the wilderness or drowned in rivers and lakes. In 2005, CASDDA became the first and only North American member of the IRO (International Rescue dog Organization), the recognized international umbrella organization for all worldwide national search and rescue dog organizations, operating as a Partner to INSARAG, the Disaster Response department of the United Nations.  In the past 2 years, 2 US teams have gained IRO certification.

The seminar will be given by CASDDA' s Training Coordinator, Silvie Montier. 

Ms. Montier has been involved in K-9 SAR for many years.  She is an IRO Certified International Dog Team Leader and IRO Instructor.  She has participated in many local searches and international deployments as a handler and as a Team Leader, Including more recently,  the Philippines and Nepal.  She recently returned with her team Members from Haiti. 

She was invited to several post-Mission debriefing held at the Geneva UN head office.  In 2007, her dog Dante was awarded Hero status in Alberta after his work in the Peru earthquake.  Ms. Montier was awarded the Canada's Outstanding Search and Rescue Achievement Award from the Government of Canada in 2008 and received in 2016 the Certificate of Appreciation from the RCMP for 15 years of service in Search and Rescue.

For more information on the seminar, please refer to the attached poster.

For more information on CASDDA, please visit our Facebook page at the address below or contact us by phone.

24 hour phone line:  (780) 977-9239



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