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Some People's Kids

My experience with this so-called writer



like nice people who have respect. Who Doesn't? This Paul Henderson, is as deranged as anyone I think I've ever seen, and its about time he got a taste of his own medicine. I want Voice readers to know exactly what a professional writer he is. His editor has copies.


It's a shame that this is going on, but it has to stop.


The following has some strong language, so if you are easily offended then please don't read it.


Not very often do I take my mud to the site here, but I think it's about time. There are moments in life where it's necessary to grab the bull by the horns and unfortunately this is one of those times.


Back when I had a Facebook account, this Henderson guy explodes onto my screen with scum remarks. He's been at me for a long time and I know he's been bad mouthing me all over town. Time for a little mud thrown back in his face.


For years now he's been calling me a pedophile. Where and how he got this idea is beyond my comprehension. But because of this scum's remarks, I've lost contact with all the child agencies and schools across Chilliwack. I don't take kindly to that and if this doesn't work then I'll try something else. I have a lawyer and am a little tired him labeling me a Pedophile.


I've put up with his trash and never said a word to him. Ever. I can tell you that in the part of town where I grew up, if someone said things to you like this idiot has said to me, and all over town, you'd take him behind the barn and teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget anytime soon. Then that would put an end to it right away. Now, if you did something like that you get charged.


At any rate, this guy never smiles. I mean a smile from the heart. All this guy does is grimace. You notice the half-smiles on his face? I've stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him quite a few times over the years in interviews and he's always the same. Most of the time he's full of hate.


Despite the fact that he's got something going on with him that all he can think of is kids and sex, the stuff that comes out of his mouth is complete trash. It always seems to be about kids and sex. Kids and sex, kids and sex, kids and sex, kids and sex. This Paul Henderson has been at me for years now and I've had enough of him. This is your professional writer.


One day he comes up to me and says "I see you have some training in prepress programs."  Of course I have. I trained in college for that and set type, produced newspapers and mags for many years. I've even been part of the production crew on  Squire Barnes' mag when he had a sports magazine.


Everything that comes out of his mouth has to do with kids and sex. That seems to be all he ever thinks of when I'm around. If it wasn't me, he'd be targeting someone else, mark my words,  in order to gain access to other people's kids, because he makes it seem like he's some kind of "creep catcher".


Frankly, I wouldn't let this dirt bag anywhere near my kids. Because I'm in public a lot, he decided to target me.


My gal and I figure he's doing it to throw attention off of himself in order to gain access to kids. We think that one day he's going to be caught in his nefarious actions.


Look at his Facebook page and you'll see nothing but kids posted. I've posted thousands of photos in Facebook and none have anything to do with kids except when they're cute and their parents are right there.


That doesn't matter. I've never thought of kids as sexual objects, but for some reason, that's all this guy thinks about when he sees me. Where he got that notion I'll never know and his mind is in the gutter.


I remember once at City Hall, they had some heavy duty equipment there and while us adults were mingling among ourselves, and the kids were scrambling over the equipment, there was Henderson playing with other people's kids.


I saw him in the courthouse a couple of weeks back and asked him if he had anything else he wanted to say.


"Oh that was 2 years ago," he muttered.


It was actually a couple of months back, but that doesn't matter if it was two years or ten. You just don't go around town bad mouthing people like that.


Now its time to give him a taste of his own medicine.


Personally, based on my on experience with him, I don't care for this guy. Never have and never will .


So sue me Henderson. Everything I'm saying here is based on my own experience with you. Got that? Good. Now comes the dirt. I want readers to know exactly what an idiot you are. I'm sick of you and your pathetic thoughts about kids. You make me want to barf.


The following is our conversation on Facebook when he burst onto on my screen. At one point he insisted I was saying things about him. I've never said a word. Nothing ever.


I'm not finished here either there are some others who have been bad mouthing me and they're next.



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