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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

7 Questions the Tories the Should Ask the NDP

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


have donated twice this year and I am a very poor 95-year-old. What I want to see is a more effectively worded platform, considering the following:

Only 41 votes could decide Mr Stubbs.

I have donated twice this year and I am a very poor 95-year-old. What I want to see is a more effectively worded platform, considering the following:

1. Does the NDP care about small farmers and orchard owners? They and their partner and teenagers require second jobs/careers to make a living. Many give up growing fruit and vegetables because they have no skill or time for marketing. They grow hedging and genetically modified corn.

2. Does the NDP care about fruit from California and Mexico selling for less than locally grown? Besides it is hard and tasteless. People forget how superior locally grown fruit is.

3. Will the NDP set up a Ministry for Small Farmers separate from Agribusiness? Agribusiness has a voice and power. Inadvertently it kills small farming. It uses fertile land for supposed “state of the art” buildings but does not bother to use fields alternately for green grazing. This is true for dairy, chicken and turkey farms. It uses herbicides and pesticides. The cows sit in dirty wet straw many hours every day.

4. Does the NDP care that polluted air blown up the Fraser Valley, hides mountain views and causes eye, ear, sinus and lung diseases, heart and joint diseases and cancer?

5. Does it care that it is rush hour on highway # 1 day and night 24/7? I was a patient in Abbotsford hospital, looking through a huge window at the highway, and I was astounded.

6. We need a network of light railways all over BC and Canada. The Leewood proposal very thoroughly and accurately looked at all practical aspects, from Surrey to Chilliwack. Four km of Sky train in Vancouver costs 10 times as much as 99 km of light RR. See attached. The right of way is owned by BC and is used by Southern Railway heavy freight from major US railways. Schedules for 4 or 5 daily round trips are possible for commuters, patients, tourists to Cultus and Harrison Lakes and students. The route runs near 6 university campuses.

7. Refrigerated Container cars on light railways could collect, sell daily in successive farmers’ markets and freeze surpluses to sell at year round farmers’ markets. At present our rural local markets set up only from June to September and charge more than the grocery stores (Safeway, Superstore, Save on Foods, IGA and Walmart).

The old interurban route is not far away and it is in the midst of farms. Light trains need not be rapid. Normal speed is faster than travel on hwy one. However a few express trains might be scheduled also.

The Westcoast Express because it runs north of the Fraser, can serve very few farmers, and few students. Even so, it pays for itself by popular use by commuters, even though it pays high rent to CNCP. A light railway south of the Fraser would serve a million people, plus visitors.

So please consider points 1 to 7 of the above, starting with a platform statement for No 1.



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