Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016 



Common Ground 

Republicans and Democrats need to work together 

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


got the meaning. Trump is not really a Republican. The Congress and Senate won't let the awful things happen.


Obama focused on the goal of improving the government of the nation. He is proud of the accomplishments of his team and will hand over with dignity, grace and wisdom tomorrow, and during the 2 months ahead, just as George Bush did to him in 2008, he said.


Hillary spoke wisely and from the heart in gratitude to the multitude who assisted her, and she ended with the scripture "Be not weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you do not lose heart." Gal.6:9. It also was foremost in my heart since 1958, when it was given to me in the Oriya language, by Pastor Niroda Naik the day I became a member of Serango church. That whole chapter is wondrous.

Hillary did win a majority of the votes, but just not a majority of the electoral state votes. I don't understand that nor their system that has two years of electioneering. We Canadians had 6 weeks last election instead of the usual month and became weary.

We Canadians had 6 weeks last election instead of the usual month and became weary.

I listened to all three two-hour Trump/Hillary debates and have been praying a lot for return to "In God we Trust." But it's more than that. That is just a beginning. People have a vague faith in God if they donít read and meditate on scripture.

The written word speaks to those who read it daily with fresh insights not noticed before, in the most familiar chapters. It is not preachy. it is the stories of people discovering a measure of faith. The full breadth did not come to any one. They got bits of wisdom and insight in the midst of their journey through life.

I pray about the unwillingness of the two parties to find common ground and support one another. Our Federal gov't does well to have representatives from all parties on committees. Sadly in BC only the party in power is on committees.



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