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Heartbreak to Honky-tonk 

West Coast band explores Canadian music with original songs at the Grease Nov 19 

Chris Dawson-Murphy/Jim Hegan photo


Murfitit & Main play Chilliwack at Tractorgrease Café for the first time.


urfitt & Main plumb the depths of country, bluegrass, and western swing, playing home-made songs steeped in the living tradition of roots music.

When: Saturday Nov 19th at 7pm.
Where: Tractorgrease 48710 Chilliwack Lake Road
Tickets $12 - call 604 858 3814 or email Jeff here.

Murfitt & Main make their home on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver. Their original songs possess a clarity rooted in the musical traditions of rural North America, in a contemporary voice. Heartbreak, honky-tonks, whiskey, unions, religion, the Canadian terrain, and the Berlin wall are all fair game in their songwriting. Sweet vocal harmonies draw listeners in adding that high lonesome country sound to the mix.

Comprising the core of the band are the two songsmiths Warren Murfitt (guitar and vocals), and Kate Main (upright bass and vocals). Other musicians who add their considerable musical talents on frequent occasion: Chris Dawson-Murphy (banjo, guitar and vocals) and Matt Kennedy (mandolin and vocals).



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