Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016 


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Tail Wagging the Dog

Group demands living wage for families

Deanna Ogle, Living  Wage for Families Coalition


iving Wage summit is an opportunity to draw connections between the local and provincial. It is through strengthening our connections and understanding the common issues that we face that we can begin to address the realities of low wage work and advocate for more employers to sign on to pay a living wage to all direct and contracts staff,” says Deanna Ogle, Campaign Organizer with the Living Wage for Families Campaign.

BC has one of the highest overall rates of poverty in Canada, yet BC is now the only province in Canada without a poverty reduction strategy. Poverty is partially a low wage story, with one in three poor children in BC living in a home where at least one parent is engaged in full time, full year work.

“This summit is an unprecedented opportunity to connect the dots between the issues facing all of our communities, recognize that the squeeze of being unaffordable that we’re all feeling in BC is really a broken social safety net that has been ripped out from under our feet, and take collective action to address that” says Trish Garner, Community Organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.

The opening will feature Cease Wyss, a Skwxw’u7mesh ethno botanist, media artist, educator, and food security activist, followed by Paul Taylor as our keynote speaker. Paul is the Executive Director of Gordon Neighbourhood House and co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and has been active in right to food and social justice organizations for most of his life.

The rest of the summit is focused on skill-building and leadership development to connect communities in the lead up to the provincial election.



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