Monday, Nov 14, 2016 


Get Cookin'

Even ostriches know the dangers of wifi, cell phones, cordless phones and smart meters

Submitted by Janis Hoffman


A phenomenal book by Olga Sheehan available now.


n open letter to the Canadian Minster of Health, Dr. Philpott and Members of the Standing Committee on Health (HESA):


This is unacceptable from public officials who are accountable to us—the public. We should not have to protect ourselves from our own government or remind you to do the job you were elected to do—protect our health and safety rather than supporting an industry that is knowingly doing us harm.

You have refused to accept, acknowledge, or act upon the scientific evidence of the harm caused by wireless radiation.


But soon, you will be forced to do so. Continue to deny and distort the facts, and you will create the most costly epidemic of illness the world has ever seen.


It will require guts and integrity to admit your negligence and tackle the problem now as it escalates out of control.


See more from Olga Sheehan here.



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