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Drug users get life-saving overdose training   

Karen Ward, VANDU


Demonstrators are watched by mounted cops in Vancouver.


n partnership with the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health, the Vancouver Are Network of Drug Users is holding an all-day opiate overdose response training on Wednesday, November 9, from 11am–4pm at 501 Powell St.


The event, Naloxone: Live On, is designed to provide education, hands-on training and practice, and kits containing Naloxone (a medical opiate antagonist). Participants will learn how to recognize an overdose, how to administer CPR, and how to administer Naloxone.

Drug users, their friends and family members will learn how to save lives. “I never thought I would feel good about sticking a needle into someone’s arm,” says Laura Shaver, President of VANDU. “Everybody needs to be trained and have access to Naloxone.”

“We’re doing this because peers demanded it. The ministry and the powers that be only called an emergency because we demanded it,” says Shaver. “It’s like it’s OK that these people arevdying at an alarming rate.”

“We’re saving the lives of our friends and family. No one is expendable, it doesn't matter if you’re a junkie or a tie-wearer. This is everyone’s problem.”

This initiative is part of a grassroots response to the overdose crisis, which was declared a public health emergency in April. Over 500 British Columbians have died due to an overdose this year, an alarming increase. Each one of these deaths is preventable.

Location: 501 Powell Street
Time: 11am – 4pm

Training and education will be provided by VANDU’s expert peers and VCH nurses. Naloxone: Live On! Will be held at the site of the DTES Street Market, 501 Powell St., from 11-4. Visit the VANDU office at 380 E Hastings Street to sign up, starting at 10am. Everyone is welcome, to a limit of 200.


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