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Queen Spoofs US Democracy

Electioneering in Canada is two months, not 2 years

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


yrtle Macdonald says this is an amazing spoof. It is just what is needed. In Canada we have better government than the USA does with a Governor General and a Prime Minister.


Much ceremonial duty and honoring of local and visiting dignitaries is done by the Governor General and the Provincial Lieutenant Governors, leaving the Prime Minister with time for legislative duties. Our Senate is only for background committees and sobre second thought, and has no legislative authority.

The ruling party in Parliament and the Prime Minister belong to one party. It is agony in the USA when the Congress and the Senate both have majorities from the opposing party. President Obama was blocked in everything he tried to do. Then he is blamed for being weak.

By the way, the USA was great only for 4 years when President Roosevelt in the New Deal got the rich to fund industry and infrastructure and his wife Eleanor got justice started for women. After prosperity came he let the rich take over again. Let us all challenge the new president to apply their wealth for good again.

America has not been great, nor is it America. It is the United States of America and they are not united. The southern states are still polarized from the north and do not try to find common ground and unity. The civil war continues.

The role of the Queen in Great Britain has been to meet with the Prime Minister weekly in secret. She has wide perspective from having done so with many prime ministers of different political parties. They have found her to be a good listener, encourager and unbiased counselor. In republics the President could have that supportive role and the Prime Minister be responsible for legislation. Putin has had both titles but still kept power for legislation in both!!

In high school I studied Civics which helped me understand our parliamentary system better and better, from the time I was in my teens until now that I am 95 years of age. Living in democratic India for 16 years off and on from 1946 until 1983 helped me appreciate the great value of listening to all ordinary people for decisionmaking. Long before independence came in Jan 1947 rule in India was democratic in villages, towns, cities and provinces. The civil service, police, railways and educational system were well prepared for independence. The one big error was to split the country into Pakistan and India. The Sikhs were driven out of Pakistan. The Indian Muslims who moved into Karachi have not cooperated well with local Muslims, The population of India itself remained 11 % Muslim, and the amount of unrest is minimal. Pakistan wants Kashmir. Floods in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) devastate that country.

In Canada before elections our electioneering lasts one month, not two years as in the USA. The last election it was extended to 6 weeks and that got exhausting. US customs infect Canadians. Now a lot of time and energy are being wasted by the Conservative Party trying to find a leader. Not good!

Canada became self-governing long before the USA did. The regional systems we had long before Confederation in 1867 were democratic, with elected legislatures. We were not ruled from England. All the Governor Generals we had were advisory, although noblemen from England until the 1920s. Confederation and the trans-Canada Railway and telegraph united us from sea to sea with a federal elected government.

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