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Bill C-201 for Veterans and RCMP passed in the senate but ignored by three governments

Despite Bill C-201 being passed three governments ago, Canadian and RCMP veterans are still working to get claw back removed.







our belated attached letter is considered to be a misrepresentation of our Military/RCMP veterans CPP claw back issue. It did not address the content of our presentation paper made at your Liberal caucus gathering on 22 January, 2019. Our paper should have been forwarded to Prime Minister J. Trudeau for his action.

Your committee forwarded our Veterans CPP concerns to Mr. Lawrence MacAulay, MP, the recently appointed Minister of Veterans Affairs. He is also the former secretary of state for Veterans. He should be very familiar with the cruel treatment that the Government of Canada has imposed on our Canadian Forces personnel and their families by breaching their Pension Enrolment Contract.

•  The Minister of Veterans Affairs forgot to identify and provide us with the amended ordered paper to our Canadian Forces Superannuation Act.

•  He should also have remembered that under the Chretien/Martin government they have depleted almost 20 billion dollars from our Canadian Superannuation account to pay down the national debt and create a Liberal slush fund.

During the 6 year wages and price control the Government of Canada omitted to contribute to our CFSA pension plan and never paid it back.

•  He forgot to identify that we have over contributed in the CFSA and the CPP plan and they both generate far reaching surpluses.

•  He also forgot to mention that the CPP plan was established to provide another source for an "Income Security" program to supplement the Old Age Security Pension Plan not to claw back our earned Forces Pension plan.

•  He failed to identify that forces personnel are a different government provider. They have made maximum contributions to the EI plan but cannot draw any benefits.

•  He erred to mention that an exemption of the CPP claw back was given to Members of Parliament, Judge Advocates and senators but not Canada’s veterans who where prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for the security of Canada.

Is it fair for the Liberal government to give a known criminal Omar Khadr $10.5 Million dollars while Canadian veterans must fight to fill empty beds in veterans hospitals?

•  Our CAF personnel must go to court to fight for their paid benefits, but the Government of Canada is prepared to spend millions to rehabilitate returning ISIS terrorists.

Your letter should have asked Prime Minister J. Trudeau to reply to our Town Hall questions we posed to him in Lower Sackville on January 9, 2018. Why did he also not answer our letter presented to him by Mr. Darrell Samson, MP regarding our Town hall question to terminate the CPP claw back to our military/RCMP veterans Annuity at age 65?

Why did Prime Minister Trudeau and all Liberal MP’s voted yes on the successful passage of Bill C-201 and now he refuses to take the simple action identified by a former commissioner with the Canadian Pension and appeal board to terminate the CPP pension claw back affecting the welfare of our veterans and their Families.

Military/RCMP Veterans don’t retire early. Often they served in dangerous situations and the wear and tear of their bodies makes it impossible to continue serving their country in these often dangerous obligations. Members of Parliament can draw a pension after completing 6 years of service that is equivalent to a Chief Warrant Officer with 38 years of service.


What price tag can you compare with civilian employments that our spouses perform on a regular basis during numerous operational moves resulting in the loss of the spouse higher CPP benefits. Our campaign paper clearly identifies the issue. Veterans have over paid for all their benefits.

Pension benefits are considered to be a sacred trust obligation to the financial welfare of Canada’s Armed Forces personnel and their families.

Former Prime Minister Harper broke his election promise: "When a motion passes the democratic elected majority of the House of Commons, The Government shall Honour that motion."

Prime Minister Trudeau also broke his election promise: "If I have earned the right to serve this Country as your Prime Minister, no Veterans will be forced to fight their government for the support and compensation they have earned"

Did the Liberal government forget our veterans who took the final ride down the Highway of Heroes and gave their lives for the security of Canada?

Military/RCMP Veterans and their families deserve nothing less! They have completed with dignity their contract to Canada. Now Liberal politicians need to display their cense of justice.

Veterans Standing Together for Tomorrow!






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