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Seeking volunteers for SMS anti-bullying support


Katie Thompson, Co-Founder

& Co-Executive Director






ullyingCanada is seeking volunteers across the country to help offer our services to the many bullied youth throughout Canada. BullyingCanada  receives, on average, more than a thousand requests a day and in order to reach kids where they are—on their smartphones without actually being on the phone—BullyingCanada has launched an innovative SMS-based platform to make them feel more comfortable.


To keep up with demand, BullyingCanada is seeking a new class of volunteers. These SMS Buddies should be dedicated adults with a passion for helping solve complex issues. Successful applicants will be given comprehensive training and ongoing support to best serve our youth.


Becoming an SMS Buddy is an exciting opportunity for those looking to give back or develop experience in a counseling-type environment. If you’re interested in helping but prefer the spoken, rather than written, word—we are also seeking Virtual Buddies to help those who call in.


Applicants should have a computer with reliable high-speed internet access to participate in the training sessions, access necessary resources, and to communicate with the texting-youth through our communications platform.


Interested adults may apply by going to BullyingCanada.ca/SMS. Candidates will be required to undergo a federal, criminal background check and be willing to commit to volunteering at least two two-hour shifts per month.


BullyingCanada Inc is Canada’s premier—and first youth-created—anti-bullying charity. Founded by Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B. and Katie Thompson (Neu) in 2006, BullyingCanada  has served hundreds of thousands of youth across the country by, amongst other initiatives, providing individual support, extensive resources, case management, scholarships, and presentations to schools and organizations.






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