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GST-free and double the rebates size for EV buyers, plus give owners trade-in value for their gas car

Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl.







et's face it, electric vehicles just can't do what a gas vehicle can. So why make the switch?


MP Mark Strahl's latest questionnaire landed in my inbox today indicating the Conservatives would work toward making home heating materials: electricity, heating oil, wood pellets and propane GST-free.

"Tax-free home heating is one way to get ahead," says the pamphlet.

Currently, Canadian homeowners are eligible for a rebate if they convert from an electrical heating system to a natural gas system. They should get a rebate.


According to a report from CBC, two days ago the federal government announced that rebates will be $5000 for an electric vehicle (EV) and $2500 for a hybrid.


Considering the cost of EVs, if the government was serious, they'd double rebates and make it GST-free for new car buys. Plus, they should get trade-in value on their other gas vehicle. There's probably going to be a few who want to go back.


The popular Chevy Volt is in the vicinity of $45,000 and the Tesla Model 3 at $47,600? Once you factor in the cost to charge the vehicles, is it all really worth it?


In BC, recent reports claimed that lone Green MLA Andrew Weaver made a controversial comment by suggesting people could take out loans and buy an EV.


Chilliwack resident D'Arcy Surrette told The Voice in an e-mail last week that he's confused about what to do and fears the Canadian government will follow suit and find a way to claw the rebate back.

"What's next? asks Surrette. "I was thinking about an electric vehicle, but I will stick with my gas vehicle because they've got you coming and they've got you going.

Stateside they tax them every year. Two weeks ago, an item in the North Carolina News out of Charlottesville reported that State Legislators there have introduced a new bill requiring people who own hybrid and EV's to pay twice the annual registration fees which are currently $130 to $275 by 2022. Hybrid vehicle owners would also be taxed another $87.50.


If the government wants people to start driving EVs then it's time for them to get serious.





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