Sunday May 8, 2016 



The Times They Are A-Changin'

Liu has a two-year lease on the Fifth Ave building

David Andre, Chilliwack business owner

The following letter is from the building owner of WeeMedical on Fifth Ave. which he was not allowed to read at the last council meeting.


y name is David Andre, I'm 63-years-old and in the past 40 years, I've owned several businesses in Chilliwack.

With reference to the building on 5th Ave:


I am 50 per cent owner of the building the other 50 per cent is owned by Brian Elderkin.


We have leased a small 1600 sq. ft. storefront in this building to the WeeMedical Dispensary Society.


Ms. Liu has agreed to let me share the details of the lease with you.


We have signed a 2-year lease with an option to renew for another 2 years on the small 1600 sq. ft. storefront.


*We have given her the first two months free (no rent) and after that, she will pay $1000/mo.


We have no other monetary involvement in this business arrangement no additional profit and no kickback.


Why would I support a medical marijuana dispensary in Chilliwack?


1) When I was  younger and hanging out with my friends, we talked about sports, holidays, fishing, camping etc.


Now when I meet up with my friends, we talk about pensions and health issues. I am amazed at how many people I know over the age of 60 who are using these (marijuana) products to improve their quality of life.


Maybe it's because chemicals haven't been effective or they are more frightened of what chemicals will do to their bodies.


Anything that we can do to help make these products more accessible to people in Chilliwack who need them is the right thing to do and needs to be done as quickly as possible.


2) I have never tried 'pot' somewhat unusual for a teenager in the 1960s.


I have no interest in trying recreational 'pot' BUT if my health changed, I would certainly consider it as an alternative way to manage my condition.


I would not judge others who have found that marijuana helps them manage their medical conditions.


3) "The times they are a-changin'. The war on marijuana has already been lost. There is a pot shop coming near you soon and we are going to have to deal with this activity. We might as well get on with it now vs. later.


Almost every municipality in BC has a dispensary or two already open. They worked with the municipal councils.


The Effect to the Neighbourhood

Ms. Liu has spent money and effort improving the storefront, both inside and out. This has already effectively improved the surrounding neighbourhood.


I have every reason to believe she will continue to be a good renter and an asset to the community. We believe that the present location is ideal for this type of activity.


In Summation

Look ahead and not in the rear-view mirror.


Both Brian and I are in complete support of the WeeMedical Marijuana dispensary. Do what is right for both the people that wish to use medical marijuana and the community as a whole. Put time and effort into battles that are of greater importance. Give the WeeMedical Dispensary a business licence subject to conditions set by council.




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