Saturday May 14, 2016



Accent on Youth

Combine your talent with others

Briann Gillies, CHC


oice of Youth for Community Engagement (VOYCE) is a voluntary group of youth and young adults age 12-24 that meets weekly to engage in projects that are both meaningful for the youth and the community of Chilliwack.

This group is supported by the Chilliwack Child and Youth Committee, the Youth Matters Subcommittee, Chilliwack Society for Community Living, and the City of Chilliwack. Members of these committees and organizations bring project ideas from their agencies to the Youth-Adult Partnership.

Coordinator (Briann Gillies), who then brings these opportunities to the youth. Youth are also encouraged to come up with their own projects to carry out within the community. The vision of VOYCE is to create a society where youth and young adults are given opportunities to reach their full potential and be valued as meaningful contributors.

The mission of VOYCE is to create a dialogue in the community of Chilliwack around youth strengths, abilities, needs, and wants, in hopes to guide adults and society toward enlightenment about youth situations and the equalization of youth voice.

Since its founding in 2015, VOYCE has engaged in a number of projects for the benefit of the community, including the East Fraser Regional Child and Youth Committee Youth Engagement Conference. Through its work, the group has found that a focus group model, in which youth split into specific groups that work on different projects of interest to them, is often effective. As a result, VOYCE is able to undertake several projects at one time. This model also allows for VOYCE to connect with other demographics of youth and to work within subgroups on specific projects. If you have a project that you would like to have certain demographics of youth involved in, VOYCE has the ability to facilitate such projects.

Briann will be the main contact for the group. If you have any questions, have a project that you would like youth to be involved in, or have youth who may be interested in participating please feel free to call or email Briann!

She is able to come meet with you and your youth prior to them coming out to a meeting to answer questions and discuss the group. Youth can also find us on Facebook @ Chilliwack VOYCE.



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