Thursday May 26, 2016 

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Stolen motorcycle recovered, but in pieces

Staff/Submitted photo


A photo of Chilliwack resident Howie Burke's beautiful bike after it was stolen and repaired. Eventually, he got it back in pieces.


oice reader Howie Burke sent an e-mail Wednesday regarding his stolen and recovered, motorcycle.


In fact, it's difficult to find someone in Chilliwack, at least on the north side, who hasn't been affected by diabolism in some way. We all have been victims. My trailer was stolen, the plates on my car a few times. At nights, we roll up the barbed wire.


When she was alive, they tried to rip my grandmother's kangaroo pouch off her when she was in a wheelchair on her way to bingo.


He refers to a recent story on The Voice about the bicycle auction. Howie's a good guy, real sorry to hear his motorcycle (photo) was stolen. He means well. He's just ticked off and fed up with the crime in Chilliwack.


"The Wheel Deal? Let me guess now Restorative Justice are acting as a government approved fence for stolen bikes. Government casino to claw back pension and welfare checks is a classic Ponzi scheme. What's next, Government crack house for recovering thieves?" he says. "I have before and after pictures of my bike recovered behind a crack house and they still have my tools. How do I fix it? How many crack houses are there on Williams St.?"



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