Feature Story                                                         Monday May 9, 2016


Accidents Happen

Two-vehicle collision leaves three injured

Staff/Voice photos


Firefighters use the Jaws of Life last Friday.


motor vehicle accident at Cook St. and Victoria Ave. last Friday totaled two cars in a crash that could be heard for blocks.


The MVA sent one man to hospital with serious head injuries and the woman with possible neck or back injuries. Three others appeared to have minor injuries.


It's unclear which driver was at fault. One local arrived at the scene shortly afterward. He was out for a walk when a  blue convertible drove by him.


"I saw the driver when I was in the cross walk at Victoria and Mill. He was driving very fast and aggressive. He did notice me and motioned to me with a little wave, like a traffic thank you wave. He also motioned to his passenger who was in obvious distress. They were going towards the hospital," he told The Voice. "A moment later I heard the crash. I feared it was him. I came up the two blocks and sure enough it was."


When paramedics arrived on-scene, they found the driver of one vehicle in a shocked state. So, they held off for a minute, and let him calm down some before treating the injured man. One paramedic placed a first aid kit nearby and popped open the lid.


Meanwhile, firefighters were at work extricating a woman in the other vehicle using their hydraulic "Jaws of Life".  She was then taken on a gurney to Chilliwack General Hospital.


Please, let's have a safe summer on the road.



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