Tuesday May 31, 2016 



Five Paths to Sustainability

From food to fossil fuels, we can do better

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


mall family farmers in mixed farming are busy all year round. They are not skilled at marketing, so most vegetables and fruit go to waste. They need very practical weekly collection and sale of produce. The best system would be by mobile Farmersí Markets.


A refrigerated container could be used to collect, sell and cool or freeze, what is not bought.  It could be made available from the same container 12 months of the year, by truck or a light railway network.  Please become this kind of an entrepreneur or inspire others to invest their lives this way.


2.  When unable to sell enough produce to make a living, husband or wife or both, are forced to get a second job in town.  Their youth who love farming have to get another career.  Two or three cars and a light truck are needed to get around, and even get to school.  What silly pollution and climate warming from fossil fuel!


3. The grocery stores and supermarkets are filled with over-processed imported foods, with bran and germ removed.  Their cereals and baked goods,  canned and frozen fruit and vegetables are loaded with sugar and synthetic glucose-fructose. The strawberries, apples and other fruits imported from US and other countries are tasteless and covered with pesticides/herbicides and even waxy chemicals.


4.  Much of our BC forest has died because of pine beetles, due to not enough frost in the winter, so we must try to slow down global warming. We can resettle unemployed/underemployed city folk and also refugees from Syria in rural areas, if they are willing.  With adequate schools, road and railway building and health care, new thriving communities can be built up, using the dead trees to make lumber and fine furniture for sale, and terracing hillsides and valleys to grow food.


5.  Our governments neglect rural areas and people.  They waste billions of dollars on infrastructure for cities only, causing increasing commuting to mostly boring jobs in cities.


I was in hospital in Abbotsford for two weeks because of a bad fall April 30.  My room was near Highway # 1. I saw rush hour day and night and every day in both directions.


A railway car lasts 30 years or more.  A car, bus or truck lasts 10 years or less. A rail passenger car seats 50 to 100 people.  A truck seats one.  Rail tracks cost very little, far less than road widening and resurfacing.

I will be 95 on June 5th. Now at home for three weeks I am slowly walking again, still suffering aching pain all over from torn muscles and tendons. 


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