Saturday May 21, 2016


We Are Sorry to Leave, But...

Couple pull up stakes in beautiful Ryder Lake

Moe and Marie Caza/Google image



oday is a sad day for Moe and me. We have sold our lovely place in Ryder Lake and are now living in a very nice gated community in Sardis.


The new owners of our Ryder Lake house move in today, May 20th. It is almost exactly 10 years ago that we moved into the lovely big house we built at 48299 Ryder Lake Rd. 


It's been a marvelous 10 years. We didn't really want to move, but we're both 83 this year and have decided that we should do so now while we can, in good health. 


The house and property sold so quickly that we did not have a chance to say good-bye, so I wanted to take this opportunity now to say that good-bye to our wonderful neighbors and friends in Ryder Lake.


We will miss you all, and we will miss living in such a beautiful and friendly community.



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