Tuesday May 10, 2016 



Well, It's Been a Year

Street's open wounds still healing

Debbie Walker, Translucent PR


n May 6th at approximately 1:45 pm, it will be one year ago to the day that the raid occurred on our (what should have been idyllic) street called ROTARY.


Not only is it hard to believe what my friends and neighbours had to deal with prior to the take-down, but it is equally amazing that after all this time, we are still a little shell-shocked.


Yes things have improved dramatically. Yes we can walk up and down our street with less fear of running into either, prostitutes, crackheads, abusers, dealers, criminals (for those who actually have a conviction leveled against them), and sundry other side bars such as johns, pimps and of course the LANDLORDS of both properties. (There was an earlier incident of a blow up at the house next to me prior to last yearís events).


While Rotary has slowly regained its mental health, our neighbouring cross street REECE, has still been affected by the onslaught of unprecedented levels of activity, that were it not for our video footage, be considered a SCI FI MONSTER THRILLER FEATURE MOVIE, complete with chases, stabbings, beatings, hit and runs and sundry other activities 24 hours a day. ALL within METRES of a major high school.


Metres down Williams street, is the ongoing presence of other similar crack house set ups. ONE GOES DOWN, THE OTHER MOVES NEXT DOOR.


So while our two houses on the block of 12 homes, had finally recovered, 7 houses have sold to get out of this neighbourhood.


It seems that there is MUCH LEFT TO DO to clean up our city. It will involve ALL levels of government that can MAKE CHANGES, from the city and itís by-laws,  to the MLAís who can make amendments to the LANDLORDS/TENANTS ACTS to protect the landlords from abuse by tenants,  ensure a quicker send off, with minimal costs and time to the owner. To the federal level responsible for the activities of the RCMP, and the laws they are responsible to uphold. It will require home owners to be vigilant, responsible, provide video security which reduces the he said/she said scenario. It will involve the media to make an effort (as they have lately) to show the city/community in itís true form. Not simply the sugar coated version that we would all love to aspire to.


When our community is in crisis, it affects our work life, our family life, our friends and our INCOME, which reduces our ability to contribute to change, either fiscally, emotionally or managerially.


So I sign off a much calmer happier person today, than I was a year ago, although I would still say in RECOVERY. And with some hesitation of what tomorrow will bring.


The spate of incidents in the past two weeks alone demonstrate Chilliwack is in for the fight of her life. And we should all buckle up and be prepared for what the next series of activities will throw our way!!!


I am and will always consider myself available to those in a position to make change.


We have to get our community back up and running!!!






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