Friday May 27, 2016 


Green Thumb Tip of the Week

Seeing Spots

Keep your roses happy and healthy

Megan Mucha, LMG/Voice file photo


Megan Mucha is one of the familiar faces and knowledgeable staff at Little Mountain Greenhouses. Voice photo.


owdery Mildew, Gray Mold and Black Spots (typically found on Roses) are very common on your plants at this time of year, especially with the sporadic weather we have been having. When our climate is changing between hot days and sprinkling rain you may be seeing black, white or moldy spots showing up on your plants.

These are fungal diseases usually seen on the leaves but can spread to the flowers and stems. They spread throughout your plant by microscopic structures called spores, that are transferred when the foliage gets wet. Usually the affected leaf will turn yellow, brown, then fall off the stem.

If you start to see Black spots on your Roses be sure to clean up any fallen leaves or branches that may be infected. 

Whether is is black, gray or white on your plants, this is not the end for your plants. Use a horticultural oil/spray or insecticidal soap. We carry many great options at LMG, some which are designed for specific fungal on certain plants. Come and speak to our experts.





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