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Anti Bully Show

Interactive concert focuses on teens starts BC tour in Chilliwack

Tracy Lamourie, LPR


-Power Concerts is excited to announce the launch of the E-Power Concert Tour in select schools—both public and private, across BC and Alberta this week.


While the E-Power series has programs and concerts customized for each age range, for this inaugural series, Grade seven to nines in the two provinces will be treated to an exciting and interactive music concert and program teaching respect, self esteem, and how to make a difference as a leader both now and in the future.


"Working on something as simple as kindness and getting along with fellow classmates is something that is so crucial to learn at a young age and INsideOUT! brings fun and learning together to show the students just that! I've seen (and experienced when I went through the program myself) the growth and trust that develops in these workshops with the older students. The change in school culture is long term and impactful," said Alexis Gordon, Co-founder and CEO INsideOUT! Facilitating.


With major sponsors like the local Canadian Tire, Boston Pizza, and Staples, on board, E-Power Concerts has brought together a strong community consortium to support these events bringing these important, life-changing messages to local schoolchildren.


When they roll into local schools, they'll be presenting a full half day of programming. Thanks to the sponsors, there is absolutely no charge for local schools or families. With workshops, exciting music, and so much more, participating young people will understand equality, develop empathy, and learn how to become positive leaders in the school community and beyond.

Mackenzie Dayle, one of the performers, says "I was bullied in school because of my music, and it took me a long time to feel confident pursuing my dreams. I finally realized that by being myself and not worrying about what others say, that I became unstoppable. I love that I now get to do my part in empowering youth to follow their passions, despite the bullies. And spread messages of kindness and tolerance through music. My dream is that together we can end bullying and raise a generation of confident, empowered youth ready to take on the world."


Paul Woida, who's been called a "one-man band" agrees.


"I absolutely love performing for the kids. It allows me to win their respect, to earn a place where I can say things to them that they will actually listen and take to heart. My goal is to genuinely convince them that there is absolutely nothing that they can't do if they want it bad enough and work hard enough," said Woida.

Kristy Jones, a school-based health promotion and prevention coordinator in Chilliwack has booked the INsideOUT! presentations for 4 middle schools in Chilliwack, targeting close to 500 grade eight students this year. Kristy said she has noticed a real difference in the students since the presentations.


"I have seen a shift in school culture, students are able to empathize with their peers and have a better understanding of some of the struggles their classmates experience. Students left the presentations feeling empowered “to make a change”, “be nicer to people” and with a sense that “someone understands what they are going through”. These presentations help strengthen our schools and build stronger connections amongst students and staff," she said.


"They are about to change the student relationships in schools everywhere for the better." says Jennifer Lee, who describes herself as a cyber bullying victim and a mother, and is proud to be working on this important project.


Watch video from the Chilliwack middle school performance in November 2015.


A GOFUNDME campaign with a goal of 10,000 to support this important cross Canada initiative has been created. If you've been bullied, been a bully in school or have children that will be affected by this please share and donate to their #EPowerROADTRIP on gofundme!


The tour dates are as follows:

May 5 - Chilliwack Middle school;

May 6 - Port Coquitlam Kwayhquitlum Middle School

May 10 - Didsbury, AB - Ross Ford Elementary

May 11 - Cranbrook BC - A'q'amnik Elementary School

May 12 - Lethbridge, AB - Our Lady Of The Assumption


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