Sunday May 29, 2016 



Hands Up, Baby

Police arrest driver and recover stolen vehicle



Cops got this stolen vehicle off the road and the driver behind bars. Below, a Global TV camera guy was curious about Voice staff during his ride-along with Chilliwack RCMP.


hilliwack Mounties deserve a pat on the back. They always have a steady stream of local miscreants committing crimes to deal with. A routine plate check last week, revealed it was a stolen vehicle and it wasn't local.


Busloads of out-of-town troublemakers are coming with nothing but dastardly deeds in mind.


They  gravitate to the Bermuda Triangle of Crime downtown where a lot of things go missing. Even stores are swarmed all at once and their merch swept off the shelves by sticky-fingered thieves. It doesn't matter that there's several big help agencies downtown.


The number of calls police are out on is up too. At last count, they were well over 21,000 different case files so far this year and we'd be naive to think all of problems originate in Chilliwack.


This particular crime has a happy ending. On Wednesday, at Victoria Ave and Nowell St., an eagle-eyed cop checked an Alberta plate on a newer Jeep, and it came back as stolen. Police moved-in and arrested the flummoxed driver, and the car was towed. It was a cut and dried operation for Mounties. No muss. No fuss.


For once the good guys win. Now, someone gets their car back and an inter-provincial thief gets jail.





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