Sunday, May 8, 2016 


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Chilliwack River Rd Rollover

Woman, 64, scrambles from rollover unhurt

Staff/Voice photos


Locals and witnesses watch as firefighters de-energize the vehicle to prevent a fire.


t was just before noon last Sunday when for some unknown reason, a newer model car rolled over in the 7100-block of Chilliwack River Rd.


The weather was clear and sunny and traffic was light at the time.


Paramedics, police and City of Chilliwack firefighters quickly responded and found on-arrival that the woman, reported to be 64-years-old to have climbed out unassisted.


Thankfully, her injuries consisted of just some minor cuts to her head and what was described as a "headache".


Crews blocked the road off completely at Knight and McGuire Rd.


See more photos below.



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