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Next breakfast networking schmooz May 26

Sabine Mendez, Coordinator, Chilliwack Healthier Community


e were overwhelmed last Wednesday with the turn-out, the caliber of the speakers, their presentations and our facilitator/emcee. We definitely broke all our records Wednesday, and we all learned so much.


Emcee Ron Plowright set the tone with personal mental health reflection; Dr. Madill's talk about our family physicians and their key role caring for our mental health needs was very informative; Cristal Biela's presentation was fascinating; David Snook enlightened us about Trauma-informed practice. It was so important to hear about the cultural approaches to mental wellness in First Nations communities from Molly Willie and Laura Commodore - a holistic approach that we can all adopt.


What better way to round out this momentous event than to learn, through Chris Reitsma's presentation on Chilliwack Senior's Human Services Career program, how we can affect and influence the next generation of helping professionals!

Please stay tuned for updates to our website, which will include adding information to resources pages. Then any who might miss an event can at least access the presentations and resource links we've collected over the years.

On to more news - please mark your calendars for our annual forum. This year, we've chosen to do double duty, with two forums in May.


The first, on May 24, is our "Feedback Forum". It will be held at the same date, time and location as the regular monthly breakfast event. It's our chance to update you on what we've accomplished this year, and your opportunity to tell us what you think. More details to come soon.

The second forum will be on May 26, an evening event at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre's Rotary Hall, 6:30pm. We have managed to book Dr. Julian Somers as a keynote speaker, not an easy task! This event will be a chance for you to invite your family, friends and neighbors to hear and discuss how homelessness, mental health, addictions, public safety and public health are connected, how we are all working to address them, and how everyone takes a part of making Chilliwack a healthier community.


The cost is a free, refreshments will be provided. You'll be pleased to know that the caterers are talking about some amazing dessert options :). Here is the flyer with all the details. Please print and post in your offices, lobbies, etcetera, and forward it to everyone you know.

1 3pm on May 2 or May 4 at Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 46361 Yale Road, Chilliwack.

This free half day training equips service providers with tools to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to resources. safeTALK  is an internationally recognized workshop developed by Living Works Education. You can attend the training on either day. Don't miss this opportunity, register now here.

Wishing you all a great day!

Chilliwack Healthier Community - 8550 Young Rd., Chilliwack, BC Canada V2P 8A4. For more information, visit:


May is our month to hold our annual forums. Last year we looked at the continuum of care and prevention vs intervention, incorporating some creative ways to have participants weigh in on where they feel we should direct our efforts. This year we're holding two forums, one in the morning, at our usual time and place, and a second one, two days later, in the evening. An evening event is a chance for you to bring family and friends into the conversation on Chilliwack's social issues, and the work being done to address them.

May 24, 8:30am - 10:30am, Neighbourhod Learning Centre, 46361 Yale Road
We have a great multi-partner presentation planned for you - a chance to hear from the chairs of all our working groups and task teams, and how the outcomes of last year's forum are woven into everything we do. We'll follow that with an interactive exercise and some electronic voting. Click here to register.

May 26, 6:30pm - 9:00pm, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, 9201 Cobould Street
We're so pleased to have Dr. Julian Somers as the keynote speaker for our Annual Public Forum. Dr. Somers directs the Somers Research Group at Simon Fraser University and is the Lead Investigator for the At Home Study in Vancouver. Click here to register. See the flyer here for more details.



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