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Better Together

Finding the key to a Zen life with the Radical Self Love Summit May 24

Kim Mallory, Pink Stiletto Network, Chilliwack


EY EVERYONE!! As you know I'm passionate about supporting women in Business, Art and Life through the Pink Stiletto Network & The Beautiful Woman Project! I work tirelessly to get the message out that Self Love is the key to a happy life!



• I want more Joy and Happiness in my everyday life
• I want to stop beating myself up
• I want my relationships to be deeper, connected, juicy
• I want Financial Security and a career that I LOVE
• I want more free time to do the things I WANT to do
• I want more confidence so as not to worry about what other people think
• I want to stop feeling tired & miserable, and get some Peace of Mind and Vitality back

Join me on the cutting edge revolution in Self Love, which I have found is imperative to success and happiness. Imagine connecting to your inner beauty, passions, & purpose to arrive at a place of peace where there is nothing to prove. Imagine all the answers coming from within instead of looking outside of ourselves for them. It IS possible and SOOOO freeing!

So if you have concerns, worries, anxieties surrounding your self-worth, money, career/job, relationships in any area of your life, or you have that inner chatter that just won’t stop; I invite you to join me and 29 other experts on the topic of the most important relationship of all - Your Relationship to Yourself.

Here you will get the tools and be inspired by personal journeys, including my own, to encourage your natural and inherent resiliency to overcome obstacles and turn your hardships into success and provide you with your blueprint for a healthy, happy life.

Each and every expert will be offering you a Free Gift to support your journey! Mine is a free membership to the Pink Stiletto Women's Network - a $99 Value. So watch for it!

Join me for the Radical Self Love Summit—it's FREE!

Once you have signed up, starting Tuesday May 24th, you will receive two video interviews from an expert panel committed to helping you. The interviews have been pre-recorded so that you have the flexibility to watch or listen to them on your time, at home, in the car, on a break.



• How are all fundamentally the same
• Formulas, strategies and tools to get you on your journey
• How to see your challenges as powerful opportunities for self growth
• Think outside the box to create ways of earning an income that is unique to who you are
• Connect to your inner beauty, your passions, your purpose, inner peace and much more.....

I am excited and honoured to be participating in this Radical Self Love Summit and to be able to reach out to my network and share what I've learned finally to find Zen and happiness in life & work. I wish the same for you!


Much Love! Kim

PS. As an added bonus, signing up for the summit gets you exclusive access to a private, Facebook community where you can share your insights and get even more support!



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