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City on Fire

Another derelict house burns

Staff/Voice photos


Residents watch as fire crews extinguish a blaze at an abandoned shack on Bole Ave. last week.


hatever you want to call them; crack houses, derelict, abandoned, squatter's shacks, another boarded-up shanty caught fire last week.


Over the past year, several similar structures have mysteriously caught fire. It's not known if the house was torched on purpose. Much of the time it's squatters who inadvertently, or otherwise, set the place on fire with an open flame coming from improvised lighting, heating and cooking.


That may have been the case with a fire on Bole Ave. at one of these vacant houses. RCMP, BCAS paramedics and CFD fire crews attended.  Firefighters extinguished the blaze before it spread. 


When these old homes catch fire, quite often there is what's called an "exposure" meaning something next to it that the fire can spread to. After the fire was deemed out, they dragged out the fans and "vented" the building, before it was boarded back up.


One nearby resident told The Voice that a vagrant told her to "watch the house" because he was going to squat in it.


If you have one on your block, it's a good idea to keep an eye on it and report any unusual activity.


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Thanks to the the emergency services and first responders for keeping the residents safe.



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